LOGLINE: Facing either the wrath of her parents or a forced marriage to a man more than twice her age, fifteen-year-old year old Evie makes an impossible choice.

SYNOPSIS: Fifteen-year-old Evie Beekins has been kept from the world all her life. Raised on a compound in a cult-like rural community where her days are completely controlled and utterly routine, one day her parents drive her to a courthouse and inform her that today is her wedding day, whether she wants it to be or not. Facing her potential groom, a man from the community who has been sexually abusing her, Evie searches for a way to escape the suffocating fate being forced upon her by her mother, father, and a willing judge. 

LENGTH: 11 Minutes


FEATURE LOGLINE: When 15 year old Evie Beekins discovers she is pregnant, her problems are just beginning. She must now choose to defy her parents and flee the cult society she has grown up in, or be forced to marry a man more than twice her age who is also her sexual assailant.

The Evie short film is a 9 page excerpt from a feature script of the same name. The feature film is a dramatic thriller that follows Evie as she develops an awareness for her desire to escape the religious cult she has been raised in and the trouble that results when she tries to escape. The completed, 91 page script is available upon request. A one page synopsis is also available.